I'm a Christian wife & homeschooling mama, saved by faith through grace. I changed my family's diet from SAD (Standard American Diet) to healthy, delicious & nutritious traditional foods. I've recently discovered there's a name for the way that I eat. It's called Primal or Paleo (I like the diet and think of the men and women who worked hard from sunup to sundown, constantly on the go, eating meat, berries they picked, cheese they made. I do not believe in evolution). No grains, legumes, refined sugars, and no/limited dairy.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Still around

Well, I'm still around, just tired and less inspired. I have a baby whose digestive tract and tummy are very sensitive. We're off tomatoes, citrus, pumpkin, etc, etc. Down to about 22 things I can eat, that don't seem to upset her. It's my own version of the TED or Total Elimination Diet. :)
It's been a lot harder to do this time, than with my third child. I'm not entirely sure why, but emotionally, it's harder.
On the plus side, she *isn't* a fussy baby, yay! She has a pleasant personality and loves to smile at us and laugh at her oldest sister. <3
If things don't clear up all the way, I'll be taking eggs out of my diet, which means I'd be free of the top 8, in addition to lots of other things.

If anyone's interested, here's what we can currently eat:
green beans 
Snap peas
collard greens
cooked broccoli
spicy mustard
coconut milk
hemp seeds
chia seeds
brussels sprouts 
zucchini/summer squash

With that list, I make smoothies, muffins, dark chocolate cookies and lots of roasted herbed chicken with sauteed in the chicken drippings veggies.
If I have to take eggs out, that'll cut down the muffins and cookies, but I'm sure I'll find something else to have as a dessert ;)

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