I'm a Christian wife & homeschooling mama, saved by faith through grace. I changed my family's diet from SAD (Standard American Diet) to healthy, delicious & nutritious traditional foods. I've recently discovered there's a name for the way that I eat. It's called Primal or Paleo (I like the diet and think of the men and women who worked hard from sunup to sundown, constantly on the go, eating meat, berries they picked, cheese they made. I do not believe in evolution). No grains, legumes, refined sugars, and no/limited dairy.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Three and a half months later...

It's been three and a half months since our MRT tests and modifying our diets to remove our sensitivities. 
E4 was 17lbs in January and now she is 21lbs 9oz! She started sleeping through the night within a couple weeks of changing our diets. She's very chubby and solid and happy (when she's not acting like a cranky toddler ;). She even has neck rolls that I have to clean out! That was never a problem until the last few weeks!

I'm also feeling better, my stomach isn't hurting when I eat, thanks to some healing with Gastrazyme, my stools are pretty regular/normal, my skin is pretty clear and I feel pretty good. 

It is clear to me that the test was accurate, through the dramatic change in my little lady (whose chubby feet can be seen above). Over 4 1/2lbs in under four months is pretty amazing. She's absorbing nutrients and she is not nursing for 95% of her calories. It's a relief to know what's going on and have her feeling better, with some pressure off of me. Sleep improvements have been quite wonderful, as well.

I have some friends who are doing the MRT testing, I'm looking forward to seeing their results and hope that they get the help they need, as we have.