I'm a Christian wife & homeschooling mama, saved by faith through grace. I changed my family's diet from SAD (Standard American Diet) to healthy, delicious & nutritious traditional foods. I've recently discovered there's a name for the way that I eat. It's called Primal or Paleo (I like the diet and think of the men and women who worked hard from sunup to sundown, constantly on the go, eating meat, berries they picked, cheese they made. I do not believe in evolution). No grains, legumes, refined sugars, and no/limited dairy.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sweet Potato "Fries"

My husband, E, makes excellent food. One of the yummy things he makes is Sweet Potato fries.
Take a couple sweet potatoes, wash them well, cut the potatoes in half lengthwise, then slice very thin.
Toss with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, then salt & pepper.
Arrange on a baking stone, bake at 400 for 25-30 minutes (check periodically)
For a delicious mixup, sometimes I sprinkle cinnamon on top instead of salt and pepper.

I dip the savory ones in Spicy Brown Mustard, and it tastes like a soft pretzel!


  1. Toss with extra virgin olive oil...how do you do this? In a bag?

  2. I mix them in a bowl with my fingers. That's how I "toss" when a recipe calls for it, lol

  3. Cool, I never thought of slicing them like that. I do wedges or long strips. :)

  4. Baking stone? I've seen you refer to that a few times. Is there something special about a baking stone as opposed to a baking sheet? (I don't own any baking stones...)

  5. The baking stone is from Pampered Chef, my mom sells them and they are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Makes things crispy in the right spots and not crispy in the wrong spots (that sounded lame). Anyway, I wouldn't bake without them. I even use a stone bundt pan for my Vanilla Bean Cake!