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Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Holidays & Candy

They're coming...holidays!
At the end of this month, there's trick or treating, then Thanksgiving, Christmas and Holiday parties. How do you handle it with no refined sugars, Paleo/Primal, etc?
A friend asked about this on facebook, and here's my reply. Not super well organized, but it hits on a few things.

We don't do candy events, like trick or treating. Last year, I put some organic Yummy Earth lollipops in bags and hid them in the house - that was their trick or treating. At Christmas, my grama asks what kind of stuff they can have and gets them some gluten free stuff that she divvies up into baggies for the kids' stockings. I ask for tea and this year, Spry gum.
They don't get the lollipops every day, it's more of a weekly or less thing.
I make gluten-free brownies and cake regularly with good ingredients and natural sweeteners, like honey. And every once in a VERY great while, we get something like coconut or almond milk ice cream, gluten free donuts (did that for the first time today, bc we were visiting with their grandpa at HyVee & they were on sale). It's a struggle, and when they go to the in laws, they get refined sugar and way more than I would like, but it's a trade off...do I want them to know and get to spend time with their grandparents? or is it a hill I'm willing to die on (battle reference, not sure I got it right, teehee).
Taking things they can eat helps a lot, wherever we go or only going places I know they can have stuff when eating out, which we don't do often. Chipotle (they get tacos), restaurants with beef hamburger patties (plain) and fries (only when we ocassionally eat out).
It's also a matter of what I have time and energy for. Right now, there are things I'm not doing every day, that I will be able to do every day when I have the energy, etc. And some things we simply don't have $ for and the subpar version isn't worth it.

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  1. Did you know that Omaha Children's Museum has a "Healthy Trick or Treat" night? Don't know if all the stuff your kids could have- but it is alot better than the normal candy. It is granola bars, and that type of thing...the event is sponsored by Whole Foods. It is this Thursday (the 20th) and the 27th of Oct. :)