I'm a Christian wife & homeschooling mama, saved by faith through grace. I changed my family's diet from SAD (Standard American Diet) to healthy, delicious & nutritious traditional foods. I've recently discovered there's a name for the way that I eat. It's called Primal or Paleo (I like the diet and think of the men and women who worked hard from sunup to sundown, constantly on the go, eating meat, berries they picked, cheese they made. I do not believe in evolution). No grains, legumes, refined sugars, and no/limited dairy.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fat - it does a body good!

Fat is a whole lot of important. To growing bodies, young bodies, old bodies and in between bodies. Whether you're trying to conceive a child or not. Our bodies NEED healthy fats to function. Please don't deprive your body!
Donielle on Naturally Knocked Up has a great post on how important fats are and which ones are good. Not all fats are created equal! Kids need good fats to help their brains learn and grow, adults need good fats to help cholesterol, fertility and many other things. Our bodies NEED fat.

For me, good, healthy fats have made me look and feel healthier, helped me lose 56 pounds after the birth of my last child and boosted our fertility, so much so that we had our first surprise baby! My kids are pretty healthy, too, and, of course, smart.

My son and I, 2005

Me, last December

Me, last November

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