I'm a Christian wife & homeschooling mama, saved by faith through grace. I changed my family's diet from SAD (Standard American Diet) to healthy, delicious & nutritious traditional foods. I've recently discovered there's a name for the way that I eat. It's called Primal or Paleo (I like the diet and think of the men and women who worked hard from sunup to sundown, constantly on the go, eating meat, berries they picked, cheese they made. I do not believe in evolution). No grains, legumes, refined sugars, and no/limited dairy.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Water Kefir & Gastritis

Do you know what water kefir is? It's a fizzy, probiotic drink. Very yummy, very beneficial.

I woke up Tuesday morning with my stomach in pain. It got so bad that I went to the Emergency Department that night. They diagnosed me with gastritis, which is an inflammation of the stomach lining. It's extremely painful, more so than transition contractions. I'd happily go through labor several times over to having the pain of the last few days. It seems my gut is not as healthy as I'd hope, and I am going to start working to remedy that. Back to whole foods eating! I've been letting some not so great stuff slip in, and I paid for it. It's hard to stick to something sometimes, when you don't have results, such as pain. I will do my best to remember the pain I've endured the last few days, as I go on and try to eat what I know is good for me and baby. The baby is fine, btw. :)

Back to the post. Water kefir, in effort to supply my guts with more beneficial flora, I'm going to work on getting more probiotics in there. That is something I have been forgetting lately, and it's extremely important as part of a healthy body. I'll also try making some fermented foods like sauerkraut, etc.

This is a great post on making water kefir, even using coconut water to make it! Check it out and let me know if you try it and what you think!

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